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Green Local Vegetable

03:51:40 | 18-05-2016

Sapa specialties such as white and green cauliflower, red beetroot, and chayote squash thrive in Sapa's temperate climate. Tens of thousands of Sapa's chayotes are distributed nationwide each year.

While many of Sapa's vegetables are sold throughout the country, the more delicate and most tasty varieties are only available in the markets of Sapa. One example of this is "ngong", the local word for the budded stems of old and stunted vegetables. There are many kinds of ngong, such as the stems of garlic, cabbage, kohlrabi, and chayote. Ngong is best served fried with garlic or various kinds of meat.

Sapa is not only famous for its natural beauty and landscapes, cool and fresh air, Sapa is best known for specialties. Sapa cuisine mirrors the country's cultural and ethnic diversity. Its main characteristic is the systematic use of fresh, light products, mainly tropical or temperate fruit and vegetables. It offers a wide variety of foods ranging from meats, crustaceans and fish to delicious vegetarian specialties accompanied with all sorts of vegetables, herbs, spices and sauces.