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Deluxe room with balcony and mountain view

Deluxe rooms with harmonious design, luxurious interior with full modern facilities. Area of about 30-35m2 each room is equipped with windows and balcony to bring the cool air, the most comfortable for you.
Luxurious interiors, high-grade wooden floors, spacious space, window and balcony overlooking the mountain, you can easily watch the sunset or sunrise in your room.
  • Area: 30-35m2
  • Two way air conditioning
  • Phone
  • Mini bar and drinks
  • Connect to wifi and internet
  • Room service
  • 1 king size bed
  • Bathroom with standing shower and shower
  • Sony 32 inch LCD TV
  • Tea table with free tea and coffee
  • Free parking at the hotel

Other Rooms

950000 VND / Nights