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Souvenir Handicraft Shop - The Gift of Sapa

04:56:40 | 18-05-2016

Today, Brocade Sapa has improved a lot in style, quality, and are exported to the overseas market such as USA, France, Denmark ... In addition to the paintings to describe mountain scenery, the land and people of the uplands, tourists can buy backpacks, bags, coats, towels, bags, wallets, shirts, hats, bracelets ... by Brocade. Brocade is an indispensable gift for guests arriving each Sapa.

For the upland, Brocade is not just for decoration, adorned in beauty but also a keepsake of love or the wedding day of the couple. The lines shown on the plate patterned brocade is the essence of culture imbued with national identity makes Sapa Brocade can not be mixed with any of the Brocade product yet.

Brocade Sa Pa tourists attracted by the floral motifs plants, birds shrewd, subtle. The lines shown on the plate patterned brocade very unique cultural characteristics of ethnic groups in Sapa. Guests can also buy Brocade products Sapa journey to visit the village.

Based on the favorable characteristics of the locality with the aim of enriching the services of the hotel, guests Enabling easy access to local handmade products with reasonable prices, Sapa Vista Hotel are pleased to introduce to customers benches Brocade – a perennial "Sapa Gifts" with the following products:

You can contact directly with Miss Thiet (Miss Jennifer Tran) by number 0919 524 535
or send email to: [email protected] for more details.